November 25, 2009

Cat Trap Developer Video 4

I made a new developer video, showing even more gameplay. Nearly all the gameplay elements have been constructed at this point. The only things left to be done are static blocks and obstacles such as mouse traps. Once those two things have been completed I will start work on constructing levels, scoring, and other game modes.

Also, sometime this week (most likely Friday) I will be signing up for the Apple iPhone Developer Account and can finally start testing the game on an actual device. I will definitely be sharing with you some videos of Cat Trap being played with a iPhone/iPod Touch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2009

Cat Trap Progress Update

I would just like to share with you some of the latest details with Cat Trap and it's development thus far. As of now Cat Trap is still on schedule for a late December early January release. It's still to early to call a more specific date,  the approval process could take longer during the holiday season at Apple. I don't plan on doing another developer video until sometime next week, probably the middle of next week.

You may have seen the OpenFeint logo on the main site and we have confirmed that Cat Trap will be OpenFeint enabled. With Openfeint integrated into Cat Trap you can share scores, view leader boards, unlock achievements, and it also offers social networking features like Twitter. More information on OpenFeint can be found at, a full list of details and including achievements will be shared once we get closer to release.

In the next week or two we will be signing up for the iPhone Developer Program, which will allow us to test Cat Trap on an actual device, create beta versions, and eventually submit it to the App Store. Once we have it running on an actual device I will start sharing with you videos of the game on an iPhone/iPod Touch.

Be sure to check back often for the latest news and information!

November 18, 2009

The cats are everywhere!

New screen shots of Cat Trap, with multiple cats coming from all angles.

At this point we are figuring the most cats that will appear at a given time, even at the higher levels, will be 8. Keep in mind on the higher levels the cats will be faster and they will appear quicker then at the lower levels, but even so I'm having trouble trapping all 8 cats at once without letting one loose or one catch up to me. 

As always check back often for the latest news and updates!

November 12, 2009

Cat Trap Developer Video

Cat Trap Developer Video 3
Made a new video showing the new menus and updated GUI. I completely removed the directional pad controls for the menus and credits, it's now simply touch controlled. As for the actual gameplay, I increased the D-Pad size, removed the pause and restart button, and put the game data on the top (Blue bar is blank at moment but game information will be there). To access the pause menu you double tap the screen.

As for gameplay it shows the blocks and their behaviors, the mouse, and the cat. The cat's AI still needs improvement,  the cat is still fairly easy to exploit and it gets confused sometimes. Tomorrow I will update the site, and post some screen shots perhaps.

November 10, 2009

Little Re-Design

We decided to re-design the GUI for the game and the menus. As for the gameplay we increased the size of the directional pad, we removed the pause and restart button, and changed the upper bar a bit. To pause the game all you need to do is double tap the screen in the pause menu appears. The upper bar is now just a plain blueish bar at the top, which will display game data including; level, score, and lives.

For the main menu we completely redesigned it... We removed the directional pad entirely, now you navigate by simply tapping the desired button.

Here are some screenshots!

As stated before things will continue to change as development continues, and as always we will keep you up to date. I can almost guarantee you by this Friday I will be posting a developer video showing off all of this great progress we are making!

November 5, 2009

Three new screenshots for Cat Trap!

I was planning to release a developer video this week, but I decided to hold off another week and wait until I have a little more done to show you. To make up for the lack of a video, I'll share with you three new in-game screen shots.


Once again the game is still on schedule, ran into a few obstacles this week but I managed to overcome them and keep on schedule. I will share another developer video as soon as possible.

November 1, 2009

Cat Trap Screen Shot

This screen shot is actual gameplay thus far, all blocks and their positioning was done dynamically via the game controls! Currently their is a few things to work out... Hopefully by Friday I can post a developer video showing gameplay that involves pushing the blocks around and trapping the cat(s). Though some things are becoming more difficult compared to creating and programing the menus, everything remains on schedule without any real delays or roadblocks. At this point I'd give a rough estimate of late December for release, though this is really rough and should be taken lightly.