September 23, 2009

Cat Trap information...

Been awhile since last blog post so I thought I would share some information on what all has been happening lately!

I'm still working on the iPhone SDK book about 2/3 of the way through I should finish it in a week or two. At this point we were are not going to even begin development of the code for Cat Trap, I want to make sure I have a good understanding of the iPhone platform before I program for it. Once finishing the book I will need to become familiar with the Game Engine we will be using, but should not take to long.

Though programing wise nothing is being done; a lot of time is going into graphics, concepts, gameplay design, audio and much more. So it's definitely no stalled, it's just in the early phases of development. I hope to begin to program for it in Mid-October, how long it will take to finish the game from that point is anyone's guess but we are hoping for a late 2009 early 2010 release!

Also coming in early to mid October is the Cat Trap webpage featuring detailed descriptions, images, and more. This will be a great way to keep track of the development of the game and what you can expect when it does release.

As always we will keep you up to date as progress is made!

September 6, 2009

7 day celebration is coming to an end...

The 7 day celebration of 10,000 views has reached the final day, and we have saved the best for last! We have the apps page on our site up and running featuring the first brief description detailing what will be our first iPhone/iPod Touch application, Cat Trap.
An addicting game that requires both strategy and speed. Cat Trap will surely be a game anyone can play and enjoy! You control the mouse as it pushes blocks back and forth in attempts to trap the cat before the cat catches the mouse. As you move through the game it increases in difficulty as more cats appear and obstacles get in your way. Trap the cat and go for the high score Q4 2009!
Cat Trap's main web page will be released some time October feature game details, images, video, and more. As of now their is no set release date, it is projected for late 2009 possibly if delays occur then early 2010.  All information thus far released is subject to change, nothing is final at this point. The game is still in the very early stages...

We hope you enjoyed the week long celebration and we look forward to you following our company as we continue to more forward. Here's hoping for 100,000 hits!

September 4, 2009

Cat Trap Teaser Trailer

A 20 second teaser trailer for our first iPhone/iPod Touch App Cat Trap has been released, check it out on YouTube!


Additional information coming Sunday!

September 3, 2009

An iPhone/iPod Touch App!

By now you probably have figured out we are working on an iPhone/iPod Touch App and it is the big surprise that will be explained more come the end of the 7 day celebration of 10,000 views. Well to mark the mid point we have released the current logo (possibly will change) and the finalized name. That is all we can say at the moment about Cat Trap, if you want to check it out the logo go to the homepage!

Coming Saturday and Sunday will be the two more additional details about the App, those will be the last bits of information until we are further in development.

We are still working on possibly getting something out Friday as a general Alternative Visuals thing.