December 16, 2009

More Cat Trap Screenshots!

Just would like to share with you a few more Cat Trap screen shots!

The first one shows off a new obstacle I have yet to show, these mouse traps pose a threat to the mouse! If you happen to move over one, it will end up killing you. The cats can go over them but you can't, so try to avoid these. The second picture is a possible design for the levels menu, all 25 levels visible with the blue blocks representing an unlocked level and the gray blocks for locked levels. The third picture is a view of the tutorial menu, gives you a brief instructions on how to play the game. It will work a lot like the credits page where you swipe to scroll up and down.

I plan on releasing a developer video tomorrow, It's been awhile since the last one and this new one will be fairly long I hope.

December 14, 2009

Everything is back to normal...

The website and all of its content is now back and fully operational, we are sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused some. At this point the downloads are not working and at the moment we can't update them because our host does not allow hot-linking (It is a free host). So any files located on our servers have to be downloaded directly from the website. Though other sites like CNET Downloads will still work since the file is being stored on their servers.

As for Cat Trap, this issue was a bit of a set back but it shouldn't delay things to much. Everything is still on for a late December or early January completion date. I hope to post a lot more information this week!

December 12, 2009

Website Problems.

We are aware of the current problems associated with the website at this present time. We hope to solve these problems as soon as possible.

 UPDATE: The main website should be back online very soon, though files and downloads will not be available just yet.  We were had free hosting with a company that decided to delete our account for some unknown reason, we are in the process of transferring to another server. 

UPDATE: The .com domain is still not working although the direct link is working.

UPDATE: The default URL is now working again, though at this current time direct links to images and files are still not working. Including but not limited to the widgets... We are working on hard to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.

The website is currently working but as stated before all direct links to images files and zips files are not. Tomorrow we will be taking the website down to fix everything properly. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope to have it back to normal by Monday.

The website and all of downloads, and content are now working. Though we are experiencing sporadic problems with our domain. If that domain does not load for you try this link At the present time the widgets on are pointing to the wrong download link for they are not up to date, any downloads will need to be accessed directly from our site. As for any other sites that were using our links for downloads and images, they will most likely no longer work. I hope to have the domain name fully operational very soon...

December 7, 2009

Cat Trap Screen Shots!

I promised a video of the app but just haven't found time, I have been really busy. I  posted 2 new screen shots showing more of the game. They show the game over screen with some scoring. The scores and data are from Survival Mode, I'll share more on the game modes and levels later on! As you can see we changed the directional pad once again, the other one was just to small to function nicely. The current one will still be tweaked just a bit but it gives a much better control, even for those with larger fingers.

There is still a whole lot left to be done, and I hope to update the website very soon. I do plan to get out a video in the coming days either a screen capture or direct video from the game on an actual device. Only problem is my camera doesn't take the highest quality video and might be difficult to see the smaller details with it.

I hope to finish it up by the end of December but the possibility of an early January release is still present.

December 2, 2009

Cat Trap Update

It's been a few days since last blog post, and as always we have been busy working on Cat Trap. We have signed up for the iPhone Developer Program, and have been spending a lot of time doing tests of Cat Trap on an actual device. I hope to post a Developer Video, maybe in next couple days, of the game being played on an iPod Touch. This will give everyone a good idea of the gameplay...

Currently we are preparing to start create actual levels and game modes now that the core gameplay has been created. It has been a busy week with everything sort of coming together all at once, and the next few weeks will remain busy.

I thought I'd share with you two screenshots (taken from an actual device) of a custom level (most likely not going to be in the game), the level is something I quickly put together demonstrating the future possibilities. You will notice the gray colored blocks, those function as "static" blocks in that they cant be moved, thus creating an obstacle to overcome. As levels progress in difficulty the static blocks and different level designs will create both a challenging and rewarding experience.