December 2, 2009

Cat Trap Update

It's been a few days since last blog post, and as always we have been busy working on Cat Trap. We have signed up for the iPhone Developer Program, and have been spending a lot of time doing tests of Cat Trap on an actual device. I hope to post a Developer Video, maybe in next couple days, of the game being played on an iPod Touch. This will give everyone a good idea of the gameplay...

Currently we are preparing to start create actual levels and game modes now that the core gameplay has been created. It has been a busy week with everything sort of coming together all at once, and the next few weeks will remain busy.

I thought I'd share with you two screenshots (taken from an actual device) of a custom level (most likely not going to be in the game), the level is something I quickly put together demonstrating the future possibilities. You will notice the gray colored blocks, those function as "static" blocks in that they cant be moved, thus creating an obstacle to overcome. As levels progress in difficulty the static blocks and different level designs will create both a challenging and rewarding experience.


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