December 7, 2009

Cat Trap Screen Shots!

I promised a video of the app but just haven't found time, I have been really busy. I  posted 2 new screen shots showing more of the game. They show the game over screen with some scoring. The scores and data are from Survival Mode, I'll share more on the game modes and levels later on! As you can see we changed the directional pad once again, the other one was just to small to function nicely. The current one will still be tweaked just a bit but it gives a much better control, even for those with larger fingers.

There is still a whole lot left to be done, and I hope to update the website very soon. I do plan to get out a video in the coming days either a screen capture or direct video from the game on an actual device. Only problem is my camera doesn't take the highest quality video and might be difficult to see the smaller details with it.

I hope to finish it up by the end of December but the possibility of an early January release is still present.

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