January 1, 2010

Cat Trap is close to completion!


We are getting very close to wrapping up programing, we are a bit behind schedule but I can almost guarantee a January release. BETA testing will begin very soon as well; all that is left to be done is tweaking the levels, adding audio, and a few final touches.

It's been a while since the last post but we got a whole lot done including finishing up the options menu, designed the 25 levels, graphical work, and more. Below are a few screen shots of our recent work, we hope you enjoy!

The first picture is what the options menu will look like for the most part, including some stat trackers we included to keep track of your total cheese collected, times you died, distance traveled, and games played. The next 4 pictures are some of the 25 different levels in classic mode we included ranging in difficulty from easy to really hard! The last picture shows the level complete screen, you unlock level achievements for three things; beating the level, beating the level in a certain amount of time, and beating the level without losing a life.

I hope to share a video very soon, I know it's been promised but just haven't had time lately. I will also be making a post in the near future looking for BETA testers, anyone is welcomed.

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