February 27, 2010

Cat Trap: v1.1 Submission Coming Soon

Cat Trap v1.1 will be submitted very soon within the next day or so, development is complete and all that is left to do is one less check of everything. The first update, although it took almost a month to complete, offers a lot of new features and improvements to the initial version.

Whats New

~ Added A Level Editor - Create/Share/Play you very own custom levels.

~ Added sticky blocks - Gets the mouse stuck for a few seconds.

~ Added fire blocks - If mouse pushes one directly, mouse will get burnt and the player will lose a life.

~ Added fish blocks - Distracts the cats for certain amount of time.

~ Added 25 new levels - All new levels features the new game elements.

~ Added link to website - Now you have a link to our website from the app.

Whats Improved

~ Fixed mouse trap graphics - Previous mouse trap graphics had a few imperfections.

~ Updated OpenFeint - Now using the latest OpenFeint v2.4.4.

~ Cleaner Logo - Improved the graphics of the logo.

~ Cat AI improvements - Improved the cats intelligence and decision making.

~ Starting cat location randomly generated - Cats present at the start of the level are now randomly placed.

~ Lowered requirements for some levels - Lowered the requirements for a few of the levels, decreasing difficulty. This includes required cheese, and suggested time limits.

~ Invincibility to newly spawned cats and mouse. - When a mouse is newly spawned it is invincible for a few seconds, preventing it from dieing. When a cat is newly spawned the mouse is invincible from it for a few second.

A few screen shots of the newest version!

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