June 5, 2009

Friday Update: 6/5/09

Summer has officially started for me even though technically the season hasn't started yet.

The two books that I ordered have arrived and I'm working my way through the first one dealing with Objective-C. I'm currently on chapter 10 of the total 19 chapters and so far I feel I'm getting a pretty good understanding and growing knowledge of the language, though I learned a lot so far their is still a lot left to be learned. Much of which will come through use and experience. If I continue at the same pace as I am I should finish definitely by end of June and most likely mid June. Once I complete the book I'll move onto the second book about cocoa and iPhone SDK.

Also once I finish the first book, I'll post a small review on the blog. Describing my views and opinions on the book and maybe influence someone else to purchase the book. So far I'd highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to learn Objective-C.

I have still been busy with other things, but I'm slowly working on the CAP Web App and to finally get it out Beta. I still need to add a minor update to all the current widget which should be easily done without problems.

And one last small note, we are still accepting donations! In fact we would greatly appreciate any small donation to our company. Any little bit counts, and helps go towards things like the Domain Name, Books, and other expenses that so far we paid with mainly our own money.

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