July 25, 2009

Dashboard Resurfacer... and other stuff.

I'll be honest in saying that Dashboard Resurfacer is glitchy, lacks realism, and needs an update!

I have kinda let Dashboard Resurfacer go, in all that has been going on lately never gave it the proper time. I have set to completely rebuild the widget from nearly the ground up. Implementing newer more reliable animation (including wheels that actually spin :), fix all the glitches, improve the sound, and improve graphics. I might (can't guarantee) find a way to combine the screen sizes into one widget so we don't need 4 of them. Hopefully I'll have it done in mid-August...(summer going fast)

Currently reading the Objective-C book for second time (to get a even better grasp of what is being taught) once that is done I hope to begin the iPhone SDK book. If all goes well hopefully we can start to put an App together in late September or early October. Hopefully some of our future apps will be some fun games, I have been researching game engines and have come across a nice free one! Cocos2d is a free open source 2d game engine that uses Objective-C (helps that I don't need to learn another language so soon). As for the physics aspect Cocos2d can be integrated with Chipmunk Physics Engine. The engine uses C as the primary language, so I will need to learn a little C but it's very similar to Objective-C (Obj-C subset of C) and the Objective-C book I own has a large chapter on C and the syntax.

Just a reminder anyone interested in "The Ad Network" still have lots of room for more ads.

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