July 6, 2009

Some News...

I have yet to mention on the blog, but most of you probably found out that I submitted the PillBox update, it fixes a few minor glitches and gives the option to turn Auto Updates off.

DR and PD are scheduled also to have small updates, PD (Pyro Design) update will fix two glitches... One, when you first install the fireworks don't always start unless you exit and reopen dashboard, The second issue is that although the widget remembers your preferences when the computer restarts or something the drop down menus revert to the default state which needs fixed.

As for DR there appears to be an apparent animation problem and a few major glitches in some of the versions that need to be addressed, not sure why they are appearing now as they appeared to be fine before release. It should be addressed within the week...

After I update the widgets, the website will be next in line for a summer cleaning... although visually not much will change both the Blog and Website need a cleaning/revamping. Especially the server we are using, for it's a tad cluttered with old useless files and such. During this period you may experience problems with downloads and web pages (they should be few and far between). When I get closer to that point I'll give a more definite time frame of when problems may occur...

We reached over 5,000 hit on our website, here's hoping to reach 10,000 by the end of the summer! If we do I might do something  special for the milestone... I'll just have to wait and see :)

ALSO! Pyro Design! is still in the top 50 list and still doing well!

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