August 18, 2009

Quick Review: Programing In Objective-C 2.0

The book is well written and informative, teaching the language under the assumption of no previous programing knowledge gives anyone a chance to learn Objective-C. Though those with previous programing knowledge even a little may have a bit of a head start and may want to just skim the first couple chapters.

I read the book with some prior, minor, knowledge of C++ so it helped a bit. The examples and exercises the come along with the book are both challenging and informative. If you follow along with all the programing examples and complete the exercises you are guaranteed to learn   from the book. I would even suggest for a person reading it to read it twice, as I did, it will give you a even better understanding

As some said there are a few typos but none of which really inhibit the learning process. The writer of the book is very active in his own forums always out to help anyone in need of assistance, and has helped me a few times. Also all the answers (to the exercises) and programing examples are available on his forum as well which is a nice added bonus.


  • No prior knowledge of a language needed

  • Clear cut examples and explanations

  • Great Exercises at end of each chapter

  • Covers a wide range of topics, including a bit of C and iPhone SDK

  • Active online forum with Answers, Quizzes, Examples, and Help

  • Well written and concise


  • Some typos, but all corrections can be found on the ERRATA at the website.

  • Some terminology used in the beginning could use better explanations, as it could be overwhelming to some.

From a scale of 1-10 Id give it a 9.5 (Highly Recommended)

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