November 14, 2010

New Website & Wrecking Ball Update Information

We are in the progress of finalizing a newly designed website. We feel that the current design is beginning to get dated and less aesthetically pleasing. The new website, which shares many of the characteristics of the current websites in a newly redesigned format, will be released in the next couple days. The website will also be getting a new host which will hopefully increase the load times and reliability.

Things have been busy lately and the latest Wrecking Ball update, which was promised a while back, is still getting finished. Hopefully this update can be released before the end of November. For those who are curious, the new worksite location will be the Lunar Surface! Things take a dramatic and possibly difficult turn when your faced with a whole new gravity field to work in. While working on the moon you wont always be alone, occasionally a passing UFO can be utilized to vaporize blocks.

Sometime in December we will be announcing Alternative Visuals' next planned project, so stay tuned for more information.

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