December 1, 2010

App Transfer

Our applications are going to be transferred to a new Apple Developer account, this transfer will require the apps to be unavailable on the iTunes App Store. The apps will most likely be removed from the App Store sometime tonight and could be unavailable for at least a week. Availability will depend on the Apple approval process, which could be long during the holiday season.

Once the Apps are back in the App Store all reviews and previous statistics will be gone. We are unsure as to whether previous purchasers will be allowed to re-download and update the application. There is the possibility that previous owners will no longer be able to get updates (without repurchasing the App), if this is the case all further non-critical updates to current Apps will be canceled indefinitely to be fair to those who previously purchased the App.

We apologize for any inconvenience any of this may cause.

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  1. unrelated, but what happened to the dashboard resurfacer widget, I was scrolling through widgets earlier and found it on apples site, but the link is to a site no longer available

  2. Support for Dashboard Resurfacer has been suspended for the time being. I'm unsure as to when it will be made available to the public again.