June 24, 2011

Cat Trap...2

The next big project from Alternative Visuals will be the sequel to our first iOS application. We have carried forward what made the first installment such a success, and made vast improvements in the presentation, gameplay, and inner-workings. The resulting sequel will be one that the fans of the previous installment, and those who have yet to play Cat Trap, will surely enjoy. The biggest feature is the multi-platform support. Every major Apple device will support it's own optimized, yet identically feature packed, version of Cat Trap 2. These devices include Apple's iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac. If Apple produced it, you'll likely be able to use it. 

Cat Trap 2's improvements from the first installment go far beyond just multi-platform support. Nearly every feature from the previous game has been improved in some way, plus their are countless new features. Some key improvements and features include (but are not limited too):

An asterisk indicates an all-new feature.

*Portals - A quick way to move about the game, but you'll never know where they might send you.
*Dog treats - In a tight situation and need support? Picking up a dog treat will bring in a dog to help chase down a cat.
*Fast Cats - Though not a new element, certain situations will trigger a cat to move a lot quicker. 
Sticky Trap - Causes a mouse to get stuck for a few moments.
Mouse Trap - Instantly kills a mouse.

Default Blocks - These are the standard blocks in Cat Trap 2 with no limits on how they can be pushed.
Fire Blocks - If mouse touches these directly it will burn and die.
Fish Blocks - If a cat comes near one of these it will become distracted and easy to trap.
Solid Blocks - These blocks are too heavy to move.
*Lead Blocks - These blocks are a lot heavier then normal blocks, with these the mouse can only push one block at a time.

Classic - the standard Cat Trap game mode where you progress through increasingly harder levels with new challenges.
Survival - A limitless onslaught of cats, see how long you can last before the cats catch you.
Custom Levels - Create you very own levels with the same level creator tool used by the developers. Then play or share these levels.
*Unannounced - TBA.

Graphics - Entirely new graphics, with support for the iPhone 4 retina display.
*User Profiles - You can now create multiple profiles within the game in case you share the game or want to play the game with varying attributes. 
Cat AI - Completely redesigned Cat AI with better performance and smarter decision making. Now the only thing the limits the number of cats is the space left.
*Custom Music - Create and play custom playlists from within the game.
Level Creator - Completely redesigned level creator tool with new controls and settings, simply drag and drop to create what ever you can imagine. 
*Game Center - Instead of OpenFeint, Cat Trap 2 will take advantage of Apple's Game Center to keep track of your scores and achievements.
*Backgrounder - Application can now run in the background with iOS 4.0+ for fast App switching.
Gameplay - Cats no longer appear just one at a time after the initial start. They often will come in waves of increasing size, posing a new challenge. 
Game Scoring - Redesigned scoring algorithm. 
Performance - Cat Trap 2 offers exponentially better performance, less lag, and lower power consumption then its' predecessor. 

All of these things listed are just some of the features and improvements coming in Cat Trap 2. In the coming weeks more will be announced along with screenshots and possible videos.

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