August 1, 2011

Cat Trap 2 Screen Shots

To give an idea of some of the visual improvements of Cat Trap 2, here is the new application compared to the older Cat Trap 1.

Cat Trap 1

Cat Trap 2
Apart from the visual improvements, you'll notice the absent of a directional pad in Cat Trap 2. Cat Trap 2 takes full advantage of the touch screen, all movement is now controlled via swipes. This will provide a easier more intuitive way to control the game. It should be far better then the sometimes cumbersome directional pad in the original Cat Trap.

As for the Mac version, everything is nearly identical except instead of swipes the controls are done via the keyboard.

The game is expected to release mid to late august for $1.99 on all platforms, this includes the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac.

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