August 7, 2011

Cat Trap 2 - App Store Submission

Cat Trap 2 has been submitted to the Apple App Store for all platforms. They should be approved within a week or so. All 3 individual apps will release at same time, upon acceptance of each one.

App Store Description:
A game of cat and mouse.

You are in control of the mouse as it pushes blocks around to catch the cats before the cats catch the mouse. Trapping cats will turn them into cheese for the mouse to enjoy.

Cat Trap 2 is the sequel to the first Cat Trap which released back in 2010. We have carried forward what made the first installment such a success, and made vast improvements in the presentation, game play, and inner-workings. Rebuilt from the ground up; the resulting sequel will be one that the fans of the previous installment, and those who have yet to play Cat Trap, will surely enjoy.

- Key Features -

Survival Mode - A limitless onslaught of cats, see how long you can last before the cats catch you. The game ends when the mouse dies.

Challenge Mode - Progress through 48 unique levels that get progressively harder with new game elements and blocks.

Level Creator - Use the very same level creation tool the developers used to make custom levels to play or share via Bluetooth. Allowing you a nearly endless variety of levels.

What's new in Cat Trap 2 -

Multi-Platform Support - Enjoy Cat Trap 2 on the Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone.

Elements - Cat Trap 2 offers two new game elements. Dogs, which go after cats and portals, which can be used as a quick way to get around.

Blocks - There are two new block types in Cat Trap 2. TNT, which when pushed, sets off a timer and subsequently a damaging explosion. Lead blocks, these blocks are heavy and can be only move one at a time.

Profiles - Profiles can now be made for Classic Mode. Now more than one person can play through Classic Mode on varying difficulty settings.

Graphics - Completely redesigned graphics with support for the Retina display.

Game Center (iOS) - Game Center is now being used for achievements and leader boards.

AI & Performance - AI and game mechanics have been rebuilt from the ground up making the game smarter and more efficient.

And much more!

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