March 17, 2009

General Updates

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone :) Just would like to share a few bits of news and keep everyone up to date on what all is going on.

As you have noticed both the website and twitter page got a little less dull looking with the addition of a new background style witht the grey stripes. The website is still fairly new and we will continue tweaking the style/layout of the site to further perfect it!

We just got done finishing the video preview for PillBox, I will release it on our Youtube account and Blog this Friday afternoon. This should give everyone a simple overview of what it will offer to the user.

Few remineders:

~ We are always accepting donations!

~ We would love for you to join our social network as well with either Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook

~ We added a digg feature to the website's widget and web app page.

That is about it for now, expect more in depth information Friday on current events/plans.

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