March 26, 2009

PillBox has arrived! and some other stuff too...

PillBox has officially been released and can be downloaded via, our Blog, or our Website. This widget is new so problems may appear as time goes on, but we gave it extensive testing and our pleased with how it works. All the features promised made it to the final release and eventually we hope to integrate Growl Notification with it. This feature was planned but never made it to v1.0, but expect it in the coming months.

PillBox is our last planned widget we will be releasing for awhile, I plan on taking a bit of a break from programing and design for a little while although we will continue to improve our current widgets. I'm planning to update Carve A Pumpkin, Build A Snowman, and Dashboard Resurfacer by May, this will add some beneficial features to the widgets.

Now available to the public is our Mobil Website, this website has most of the features of our current website designed for use with the iPod Touch or iPhone Safari browser. It is still in Beta but fully functional and should make browsing and accessing our website even easier with faster load times and larger text. When accessing our website it will automatically detect if your using a iPhone or iPod Touch and will forward you to our mobile website. Once your there you can always choose the option to view the regular non-mobile version if you wish.

Earth Hour is this Saturday and as previously mentioned we will be participating in this event from 8:30 ET until 9:30 ET. At this time we will "Turn the light off" and we encourage you to do the same. The website will still be fully functional...

This weekend as previously mentioned as well, we will be adding an additional page to our website which will be periodically updated with custom Apple docks and icons free of charge. These custom docks can be used to personalize your Apple computer and we hope to eventually provide a wide variety of high quality docks and icons.

Side Note ~ We reached 1,000 hits on our website since the redesign! :)

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