March 30, 2009

PillBox v1.1 Additional Info

After some discussion with my company partner we have come to a solution for adding support for those who take medicine more then one time a day (mourning, noon, and night). This feature has been request by quiet a few people, and I thank those who take time to give us suggestions... Their suggestions helps us improve what we have to offer.

Simply put we will be adding the option to have two additional rows adding essentially two additional times a day medicine can be scheduled.The following images is just something I threw together to give a visual idea of my concept.


Via the control panel the person has the option to have one, two, or three scheduled times throughout the given day. If your a person who only takes medicine once then you will still have the option to only see one row.

This update should also have some minor performance improvements and some visuals improvements, hopefully including growl notifications. Although fairly simple to code it will be time consuming and we may not have the update tested and ready until mid to late April as I'm fairly busy with other priorities...

I'll keep you updated as we progress with this update.

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