April 3, 2009

Friday Update: 4/3/09

Friday blog posts have become scheduled and predictable so I figure I might as well give it a name that fits... And from now on blog posts on Fridays will be considered Friday Update and expect them every Friday.

Well anyways, First thing I'd like to talk about is the status of PillBox v1.1 so far everything in the update is coming as planned. If your not familiar with what it will consist of already, It will add the option to have multiple rows for those who take medicine more then once a day (a highly requested feature). Also coming is some performance upgrades, and some coding/visual glitches have also been fixed. The one feature I'm not guaranteeing yet is Growl Notification (it has been causing issues) and we might not see it until v1.2.

PillBox v1.1 Screen Shots:

[gallery link="file"]

In other news we have created a cnet download.com account and our popular widgets can now be downloaded via download.com including PillBox!

Also we hope to be adding that new page we have been promising to our website this weekend, I just have yet to get around to it because of my busy schedule.

Other then that there isn't a whole lot of news, you can expect updates for our other widgets DR, CAP, and BAS shortly after PillBox v1.1 release! And eventually I need to update the BAS WebApp... quiet frankly the next two months will be busy!

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