April 15, 2009

Carve A Pumpkin 2.0, just about ready.

Carve A Pumpkin is still a popular widget and is in the top 50 at Apple.com. We haven't forgotten about the widget, and we are just about ready to release v2.0. This is a fairly expansive update to the current 1.0 version, some key features are...

  • All settings and preferences are saved regardless if the widget is closed or the computer is turned off and turned back on. Now you no longer need to make a new one each time your computer restarts.

  • New control panel featuring drop down menus making the creation process easier.

  • Randomize feature is also new and functions the same way as it does in Build A Snowman, it will randomly select the settings for you.

  • Help box has been added to give assistance to those who are new to this widget.

  • Improved graphics and stability including a better alert system for new updates.

Screen Shots:

The update should be available either tomorrow or Friday.

After this I will be working on the update for Dashboard Resurfacer, then a Build A Snowman update. Once everything if up to date I may begin work on the Carve A Pumpkin Web App.

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