April 16, 2009

Friday Update: 4/17/09

Fairly busy week it has been, Pillbox v1.1 was released as well as Carve A Pumpkin v2.0 just yesterday. I'm working to update all of the widgets by the end of the month hopefully.

BAS v3.2 information:

  • Settings and appearances save regardless if the widget is closed or the computer is restarted.

  • Improved help information

  • Improved graphics

  • Some minor code improvement

This update should be available Saturday, not sure when Saturday.

After Build A Snowman is updated I will begin work on the Dashboard Resurfacer v1.1 which will be a smaller update with the key feature being the widget saves settings regardless if the computer is restarted or something of that nature happens. After the Dashboard Resurfacer update I will probably begin work on the Carve A Pumpkin Web App.

Don't really have any plans as of yet beyond the Carve A Pumpkin Web App... I hope to eventually possibly over this summer (when I have more time) begin to learn Objective-C and Possibly some programing for the iPhone/iPod, this could lead to Apple Applications and iPhone/iPod Applications from our company.

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