October 5, 2009

Cat Trap Web Page Released!

The Cat Trap web page has been released, featuring in depth details on our upcoming game!

Visit The Site: HERE

Cat Trap Information: VIA the Web Page
An addicting game that requires both strategy and speed. Cat Trap will surely be a game anyone can play and enjoy!
You control the mouse as it pushes blocks in attempts to trap the cat before the cat catches you the mouse. As you move through the game it increases in difficulty as more cats appear and obstacles get in your way. Other game modes will be offered along with the classic levels ensuring hours of replay value!
Two Distinct Game Modes
Survival Mode - Essentially a never ending attack by cats, how long will you survive?

Classic Mode- Work your way through all 25 levels as they progress in difficulty
High Scores and Achievements
As you work your way through the game earn achievements for mastering the game.

Go for the high score in survival mode and brag about it to everyone!

Gameplay and Graphics
Featuring unique gameplay elements that will challenge your pursuit of mastering the game! Including a variety of block types...

High quality graphics that give you a retro feel for the modern age.

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