February 12, 2009

More News

It has been a busy week for us, with multiple things going on for the website, widget, blog and more. A lot of things have been changing and improving for the better lately, and things have just been busy for us here at Alternative Visuals. Some things I would like to mention about, current changes and future ones are as followed:

Dashboard Resurfacer: This has a new tentative release date of this Sunday night (EST) it will be a fully featured release and we hope you can wait for what is expected to be a great widget. Note: Although I'm releasing it Sunday night Apple tends to take a day or two for widget approval so If you want it that night come too our site for it.

New Email: We will be activating our new company email within the coming day, this email will be used for all contact and support and should make things easier for us and you. The new email is contact@alternativevisuals.com but don't attempt emailing us until atleast Friday night when we have it fully set up.

New Domain: The biggest bit of news is that thanks too kinda contributors too alternative visuals we managed to purchase a .com domain for our website, www.alternativevisuals.com GO AHEAD TRY IT!.

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