February 28, 2009

Plan of Attack

March is almost upon us and we have been just as busy as ever working on Alternative Visuals to continue too keep the high standards. A big surprise recently was that Carve A Pumpkin managed to pull off a top 25 spot on Apple.com didn't expect it too keep up popularity in the middle of Winter.

The popularity of the website has also steadily increased since the redesign of the website, we have just reached the 500 hit mark the past day. We thank everyone for there support and love of what we provide.

I would also like to discuss the plan for the future months to come. I just managed recently to get some concept codes working that will be implemented into are new widget, Pill Box. This puts the development of this new widget one step forward and we hope to get it out too the public in April, but nothing if for sure yet.

In May we plan to update the current 3 widgets:

Carve A Pumpkin - We hope to redesign the control panel to look similar too Build A Snowman, we will also add the successful randomize button to this widget just like Build A Snowman. The last feature will be one I always wanted but never got it added, it will save your settings and the pumpkin's appearance regardless if your computer is restarted or the widget is closed and reopened.

Build A Snowman - Minor Stability changes, and the feature that will save the settings aswell.

Dashboard Resurfacer - feature that will save settings and minor visual changes.

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