February 20, 2009

News Update

I have a few things to mention too keep everyone up to date. For starters, we been having a few issues with the Apple Approval process and how we packaged our zip files and widget files. I hope to get this straightened out soon but each widget size might need to be separate on Apple.com for them to accept it. UPDATE: Apple accepted our widget, the widget is separated into the four screen sizes to download on Apple.com. Speaking of keeping things separate, on the Dashboard Resurfacer's main page I now have a separate download for each screen size, this will save bandwidth and maybe make things easier for you aswell.

The 2nd thing I would like too address is a new project we our working on here at Alternative Visuals. This new project is different in that, this one will be more of a useful tool then a "Just For Fun" sorta thing. This widget as of now will be called "Pill Box" like the name states it will take the idea of a pill box for managing medicine and take it too the dashboard. This widget will help those who take daily medication to remember when and if they need too take the required medicine. It will look like a real pill box container and function like one. As of now that is all we can say for it is still in the planning stages, we hope to release it at the end of March or beginning of April. This will be the last planned widget until atleast the summer of 09' and hopefully around that time we can do work on Carve A Pumpkin which is in need of update.

The last thing we would like to mention isn't completely confirmed yet, but recently we received an email from "JIL" (Join Innovation Lab) inviting Alternative Visuals to be part of there program. Here is some information regarding "JIL"
On April 24, 2008, China Mobile Limited, SOFTBANK and Vodafone announced an agreement to establish a Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) to develop mobile internet services. The three companies expect the initiative will help to accelerate the commercial deployment of mobile internet services.

The three companies will use the JIL as a platform to develop mobile services and drive innovation and synergy in the industry to the benefit of their combined global customer base. The JIL will launch projects based on emerging technologies and market demand.

The JIL will focus on the rapidly growing areas of mobile internet services, such as mobile widgets. Initially, the JIL plans to develop a platform for mobile widgets to encourage the development of innovative new services that can leverage mobile operators' unique capabilities. The JIL also welcomes the co-operation of vendors and developers in the creation of new applications and services.

This move is expected to enable different widgets and applications to run seamlessly on different handset platforms and operating systems across different mobile operators, while safeguarding customer security, data privacy and billing systems. The development of a widget platform is expected to benefit both developers and users.

They plan on using some of our widgets and get them running on "JIL" the widget and code will remain ours and they keep all acknowledgments for Alternative Visuals. We have accepted the offer and hope this will benefit both us and "JIL"

More information: www.jil.org

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