February 10, 2009

Opinions: What features does Apple need to upgrade the old stuff.

iPhone and iPod Touch are with out a doubt one of the top gadgets of all time. They are sleek, and do everything you want them to do and then some but even the strongest gadgets have there issues. Here are a list of what I (ajvizz) thinks needs to be added. 

iPhone/iPod Touch

iChat: It's hard to find a good instant messenger in App store they are either overpriced or not worth getting. iChat would be great because it would be made by apple for an apple product. Not only that but don't you think video chats would be cool for the little device. Which brings me to my next point....

Front Camera: Like I said before you can use the camera to do video chats with friends in your contacts!

Wireless Syncing (Free): Sometimes you are on the run and you don't have time to connect your device to the computer. So all you do is press a button or application and they update each other. 

Better RSS Reader: Yes, iPhone/iPod Touch both have the RSS intergraded with Safari browser but the problem is there are no badges to tell you if it updated. 


Combine Mac Mini + Apple TV.

- Apple to team up with Satellite TV companies 

- DVR TV Show right from your TV

- View Photos, Movies, TV Shows and listen to  Podcast/Music in which you bought or recorded 

- Syncs with you iPhone/iPod Touch wirelessly (Even syncs live TV to your iPod devices)

- Sit in your couch and view the stuff on your TV screen. 

- Blu-ray player if you would like to watch movies.

- keeps everything organized

- App store for various features

- also Mac OS X will run on it 

...in other words its like a Satellite TV Box + iPhone that connects your TV :)

It comes in 3 flavors hehe... 250GB ($599.99), 500GB ($1099.99) , and 1TB ($1499.99) + an optional TV service (Get HD Digital TV and DVR) for 18 dollars a month.

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